Computer Reconstructions

Virtual Archaeology

The possibilities that are increasingly being created by scientific and technological research have opened new horizons for archaeology and redrawn its boundaries. At the same time, they present new problems and challenges for established information technology (IT) disciplines and research. The main problem for archaeology is still to retrieve the maximum possible amount of information from the remnants of the material culture of the past and to recapture its non-material aspects as well. A new problem for IT as a whole and its subsidiaries in particular is to assist the archaeologists as much as possible in solving their task, as well as to gain new insights into the complex workings of environment and time and to develop new techniques for representing them along the way.

The combination of both scientific fields has been termed "virtual archaeology", its subject vaguely described as "doing archaeology on the computer" and consensus seems to have been reached on the issue that "virtual archaeology" should supply answers to questions which could not be answered until now.

Archaeologists have been very fast in embracing and welcoming developments in information technology and visualization, since they saw and expected an immediate use for their work from them. Our common past and cultural heritage are fascinating subjects, being ideally suited for visualization projects of all kinds.


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